Monday, June 3, 2013

Honor of Being Booted by Renowned Psychologist Matthew Johnson (Big Smile)

How many people have been booted by Matthew Johnson at Team Squatchin USA?  Don't know but seems I am the latest booting victim as of Sunday.  (Big Smile!!) :)   I'm not a new voice in this field but I haven't been very public under my actual name.  I've gone by PragmaticTheorist over on BFF but I haven't posted there lately either just because of time availability.  I also don't think much of hoaxers or hoaxes and have helped expose a few.   I am an avid outdoorsman and hunter.  I know the woods and have had more then most people's share of bigfoot encounters.  My first encounter was 34 years ago in Yosemite National Park where I lived and worked for 3 years.  

Now let me first say, I don't mind publicity when it comes to projects I've worked on.  There have been hundreds of news stories in past decades for projects that had my name attached.  I've held a number of press conferences and have given numerous presentations.  On the other hand, and like I said above, I haven't been very public when it comes to bigfoot.  This has been mostly by choice but maybe that will soon change.  I've done only one formal presentation on tree breaks and one radio show within the field.   I can hold my ground in a debate, plus I am someone with years of experience in this mystery.   I have my own provocative but thought-out concepts.  I can make quality presentations.  I am organized when I need to be.    I also don't mind confronting those who I feel are pulling the wool over everyones eyes, intentional by them or not.  

Well, here's what I have to say about the good Doctor Johnson.  He appears intent on controlling the direction of discussion at his site.  He does not like to be challenged.  He does not like it when you don't agree with him.  Matthew says that bigfoot are connected to Cain because THEY TOLD HIM SO!  Due to this he feels they are our friends.  Well, that is clearly a Biblical claim and so myself, Ron Morehead and a few others were proposing to him that they may actually be related to the Nephilim.  The good doctor does not like this concept.  There you have it, one Biblical theory over another.  Crazy huh?    Well, then I proposed to Matthew that maybe the bigfoot he spoke with are actually deceiving HIM.  Well I suppose Matthew REALLY didn't like that idea.  The doctor, being deceived?  OMG!!  

I should point out, I also had a relationship with Ron Morehead's daughter Rhonda.   Rhonda had a story of something that happened to her by bigfoot that was very unpleasant.   I guess its something Matthew didn't want people to hear about because it would put doubt in peoples minds about what they are really like.  Matthew KNEW it was HER story too and after I posted it at her request on his 'Team Squatchin' site since she is not a member, it was quickly removed.  Someone else there had also recently posted that he was seeing his posts deleted, and since I had now seen a few of mine disappear, well I questioned Matthew why he deleted Rhonda's story.  I never received an answer and my question was removed and then so was I.  Has Matthew been in psychology so long that he cannot help but need to control what people think?   Has it become an art?

Let's consider that Matthew REALLY had a bigfoot tell him they were descendants of Cain.  Remember that is Matthew's claim!  Okay then, the whole premise behind this is that Cain SLEW his BROTHER Abel.    Cain was then marked and sent to wander the Wilderness.  According to some Biblical interpretation, the Nephilim are said to be the descendants of Cain.   Keep in mind, Cain also LIED to God about the murder, so is Matthew more immune then God is to being lied to?   Also according to Matthew, they told him "WE (Bigfoot) ARE OUR BROTHER'S KEEPER".  Okay so I ask this of you Matthew Johnson: What if the BROTHER you think they are talking about, is actually themselves?  So why couldn't they be lying to you too Matthew, like they did God?  What makes you so immune to detecting lying?  I previously asked him if they could be talking about their OWN kind when they say "Brother's Keeper" but Matthew apparently didn't like that possible interpretation either and he never answered.  I'd say Matthew has some REAL Soul Searching to do if he believes what these Sasquatch are allegedly telling him!

So I'm thinking, we're supposed to believe an unknown species that basically wants us to trust them?   One that claims they are descendants of Cain (Killer of his brother and Cain also lied to God).  So to be cautious, just in case there is indeed a Biblical connection, I must consider that someone (Matthew Johnson) is the one being deceived here.   I won't get into further validation of either concept here, but lets just say for the sake of argument that these cunning and intelligent bigfoot who can get inside people's heads & become invisible at will, do actually have some evil underlying agenda (I emphasize lying).  Yeah I know how corny the whole thing sounds, but again bare with me and if their DNA does turn out to be half human and half unknown, well there may be more to all this besides conjecture.  So let's just say they are demonic or alien for arguments sake, and remember, Matthew has admitted he HAS talked with them using Mindspeak.  If his claim from HIS perspective is true, then what if Matthew is the one actually being deceived here?  What if these bigfoot KNOW that if they can convince someone with Matthew's caliber to be one of their 'Human Protectors', well they have an easy route to deceiving lots more humans who may just follow like sheep.    So yeah, I am going to challenge Matthew's claim even though he is being childishly cowardly in his response.  Not that he doesn't believe his experience which I am not doubting actually took place in some fashion, but because he may indeed be the one being deceived by this species he admits to having Mindspeak experiences with.  

I want to acknowledge something else here.  I have had one such similar experience with these beings some 30 years ago, soon after my first encounter.  I had moved to Oregon and there was a sighting reported in the local news by hunters.  Well several friends and I decided to go out and hunt one of these bigfoot, and once and for all prove their existence.  Keep in mind I was still fairly young (early 20's) and like other young people, I didn't have the best judgement either.  Well the night before we were to leave on this week-long expedition to the Eagle Cap Wilderness, I was awakened in the middle of the night by a horribly loud scream sort of in my room, which nobody else in the house heard.  I sat up in bed awake as I still heard the scream.  After less than a minute as things got quiet and I calmed down, I was then told:  "DON'T COME LOOKING FOR US!!" in no uncertain terms 'in my head'.    This type of mind experience with them has only happened once in my life even though I've had a few other very odd encounters.   I've been truly afraid a few times in my life and that was one of the worst.   Another time was 6 years ago having a bigfoot cut me off on the trail while I was deer hunting in the Cascades.  I ended up having to approach him (with my German Shepherd at my side) in order to pass as it was nearing dark.  Anyway, after that experience 30 yrs ago I never desired to harm one again and realized that 'there is something unusual, different, and maybe even special about the species.   That doesn't mean I trust them as a species because they've got abilities that aren't normal.   Ya, as many claim, their eyes can literally glow red and they can get in your head.  Many bigfooters have seen bright lights, ufo's, and orbs connected to them.  I've never seen this but I do know that brilliant light doesn't automatically mean being associated with God or goodness.   I have also seen how people can become so obsessed with this subject, and that's not necessarily a good thing.  

I have experience herein and Matthew should be more cautious about who to be rude to.  I believe he's got tunnel vision after what he probably considers a very spiritual event, he is corralling what are essentially becoming followers into Groupthink.  Yeah I say followers.  His ideas could eventually be dangerous to humanity as the acceptance of these beings grow, which is evidently his desire too.   Consider this, as bigfoot's existence reaches into everyone's reality, that may also signal changes we cannot yet comprehend.   Why do I say this?  Because these bigfoot do like it when we talk about them.  Ask any of the habituates who are deeply involved whether bigfoot like it when we talk about them.    And so, Evil does like the attention too as many discovered with the old Ouija Boards when young.    Yeah they are a people, but as the old saying goes, 'beware the olive branch' because one seems to have been presented to Matthew Johnson.  These beings do mess with people on a still not-understood level and there are plenty of veteran big footers out there who have long ago learned this.  What gives Matthew 'Carte Blanche' when it comes to knowing what is truth or lies from 'Cain's Descendants' when God himself was lied to by Cain?  He may have one or more degrees in HUMAN Psychology, but these creatures are different and he's got NO DEGREE with them.  

I have no vendetta against Matthew but I am calling him out on his rudeness, arrogance and just plain old poor common sense.  He's shut himself off from an important voice in this mystery.  He may find himself sinking in his error and he has only himself to blame.   Maybe he should reflect on his views some more, just like he did when he figured out how wrong he was with another well known female bigfooter.   

And readers, its a strange strange world out there and things may become stranger before they reach any sort of normal we desire.