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How Todd Standing Operates - Exposé STOLEN SITE!

This is one of those articles that has been a long time in the works, and frankly it was very difficult to write because the events are so damn convoluted.  There aren't a lot of photos.  It remains convoluted and I may even make further edits or clarifications in the following days/weeks.   However this Exposé should shed light on Todd Standing in a way that will cause all his uninformed supporters to cringe and examine his phony claims.   I've finished it just in time for the SasquatchSummit in Washington State so that people will know who he really is, while he tries to look you in the eyes telling more of his fantastic tales.  Frankly, he deserves no podium to further sell he wares!   His conduct herein is just one more example of how he operates.  He generally gets away with things because he knows few actually validate his claims to their genesis.   He often then covers his tracks by leap-frogging his way from one claim to the next without corroborating his prior one.   Here are a few examples.   And while most of his newer supporters weren't around for most claims he's made, a few of the longer term may recall some, like when he made the claim of Dan Hamilton and the four teens that went missing and were killed in his fabled land of Sylvanic?  He used this alleged event to garner all sorts of support from the most gullible of younger supporters, and yet he never validated it and instead moved on to the next saga to trap those who are easily 'influenced'.  Many of you are also unaware of how he used shill identities on several different forums to write phony posts to build himself up and sell videos.  The different identities and their IP Addresses came right back to match Todd's same exact IP Address.   To his newest supporters who come along, you need to wake up, research his past, and start asking hard questions about Todd and his shenanigans.  Most importantly, make sure you authenticate his answers!  He will give you little validation otherwise, knowing you won't or can't check out his claims.

Another more recent example of his methods was when Todd supposedly validated his own claim on the meaning of Sylvanic to Dr. Jeff Meldrum on the BigfootNorth Radio show.  He claimed the term Sylvanic (or Sol Von Nuk) was from the Assiniboine Native language.  Did Jeff Meldrum ever actually verify this claim?  While I am no linguist, the words Todd mouthed out bare zero similarity to the Assiniboine dialect or accent.  Sadly this is how Todd progresses at pulling the wool over people's eyes, even those with a Ph.D.  I believe Jeff was duped to the extreme.  The Assiniboine claim is one more example of his chicanery in a long list of chicaneries.  Another little tidbit that sheds revealing light on Todd is where he told Jeff on their radio show that he only works on a modest laptop at home.    Jeff then acknowledged that this is all he saw.   That's ironic because Todd's video production company under his alias 'Todd Rockwell' and ran by his sister (or wife) Louise, had phone numbers in several different cities as well as a free long distance.  Jeff Meldrum, do you think just maybe something doesn't add up?

Time to get to the nitty gritty on an issue that Todd needs to be exposed and lambasted for.  Likewise, there are certain respected individuals involved with Todd who need to realize they are helping perpetrate a twisted engineered scheme.   It should also be noted that any respected scientist is expected to maintain a high level of impartiality when it comes to being sponsored.  This is why Congressmen should not receive paid trips by corporations when they will be voting on legislation affecting related products or issues.  Why do I raise this?  Because it is my understanding that Todd paid for the original trips of Dr. John Bindernagel and Dr. Meldrum to the secret location in Alberta.  No matter how courteous it may sound, in this case it is akin to drug companies paying physicians for product seminars in Tahiti where doctor's must ultimately watch the packaged sales presentations but not criticize, receive freebies, and then agree to dispense their product later on.  This is essentially what appears to have happened here as there was a total lack of investigation of the varied circumstances before or after the fact.    Once on the trip and enjoying the scenery, they have already lost the cornerstone of their impartiality because they have become obligated to their host.  Ultimately they find themselves silently endorsing events because they have been corraled and never do openly question the misleading information they've been bombarded with.   They simply acquiesce of their criticism, which is effectively taken and used as endorsement as we see Todd doing all over the media.   Todd Standing is the drug company in this analogy, as he can repeatedly publish that he is "supported by these Ph.D's" without there being any qualification of it.

That's only a minor part of the story in how Todd Standing crosses the line!   His followers and just about everyone else, have heard Todd claim that he would have to spend countless hours trying to locate another bigfoot domicile.  Right?   So I guess he succeeded in that with where he took Dr's Meldrum & Bindernagel, Les Stroud, and Sonya Zohar?     Right?       Well think again!

Todd Standing has essentially committed one of the worst transgressions in the bigfoot field or any other research field for that matter.   The exact place where Todd took all these people and received all the credit and media attention for doing so, was STOLEN!   It was someone else's research site!  This is equivalent to stealing someone's Intellectual Property in that the claims he made were even from someone else.   Even the stick sign nor trees weren't his find.   None of it!   Todd stole another researchers site and let everyone (that includes YOU his loyal young supporters!) to believe HE (The Toddster) discovered it!  He led you on by not telling you the truth!   This is just like lying.   This is the same place where he took Les Stroud.  This is where he took Dr. Jeff Meldrum.  This is where he took Dr. John Bindernagel.  This is where he took Sonya Zohar.    This is where he even took his dentist. lol  This is where he took a few other people too.   He did however publicized how he impressed these guests both on television and radio didn't he?   Did Todd EVER credit anyone but himself on the air for where he took these people?   No!     And Why?  Because he wants the world to believe HE is the Greatest Bigfoot Researcher ever!  Or, is he just a master at deceiving people?

This Stolen Research Site is where Dr. Jeff Meldrum had some form of encounter.  Jeff Meldrum and John Bindernagel, I am addressing you here too because you really need to understand something very critical here, you DON'T have Todd to thank!  Todd Standing broke a Cardinal Rule in any research field, he blatantly stole someone else's hard work and claimed it as his own.   Do you understand?   Its easy to mislead someone just by not mentioning the truth.   You gentleman know the difference.  Then he made you Meldrum, you Bindernagel, you Stroud, and others, unwitting silent partners in his big lie that you are helping him expand because you are so thankful for the experience.    Give me a break!    Sadly you each gave Standing undeserved endorsement without questioning his methods or asking others who know.   You acquiesced and are increasingly becoming complicit in the lies.   Do you REALLY believe his videos are the real thing too?    If either of you won't publicly question his stated questionable evidence or claims, how can you expect your work to be upheld publicly?  How can you expect us to continue relying on your judgement when you haven't used good judgement with Standing?  Your reputations are each at stake because those of us who have some tenure in this field have all seen you fall for a huckster in white.   We're not the naive young followers of Todd who buy into his claims without validation!

Many reading this may remember this Article by Robert Lindsay.  This is where the story gets complicated because it was another questionable person altogether who took Todd there, even though the original researcher had gotten in touch with Todd long before and Todd knew he would be crossing the line.   In the article, which is full of half truths, it discusses how a certain individual named Aaron Arcand took Todd Standing to the location in Alberta, known as Nordegg.   The fact is, Aaron himself essentially stole the site as well, and he had BIG plans in Bigfooting while working with Todd.   (Birds of a feather right?  :)  )  Arcand basically claimed it was his site, even tho the actual person researching the location had final say on who the site was shared with.  Aaron was not to bring Todd there but he did!   Todd however has the silver tongue, and he swept right in and ran with the location as his own, leaving even Arcand in the dust.  Arcand not to be outdone, did the article with Robert Lindsay.  Now Jeff did know the name Aaron Arcand, so was he under the impression Todd took the site from him?  (This is why bigfooters must keep their research sites to themselves except for those they absolutely trust.  Ultimately the locations get ruined by people just looking for attention.)   In the article, AA talks as though he had a right to even invite Standing.  He didn't and in many respects the article by Lindsay was very off track with respect to Arcand's position.   Yeah okay sure, it is Crown Land, but there is private research going on in Public Lands all over.  Its about Respecting other's research.

So if the research site wasn't Aaron Arcand's, whose was it?  Well his initials were KW in the article or Ken Walker, also known as Skywalker on BigfootForums.   Who is Ken?  Well he lives in Alberta.  He is a very well known Taxidermist by trade.   Here is a recent National Geographic Article that shows some of his work.  He was also a Professional Outfitter in the region for 10 years.   He is not some nobody!   And for the record, and contrary to a recent claim, Ken IS NOT Todd Standing's Squatching Partner!!!  lol    I wonder where that first originated?  Nothing could be further from the truth and Ken holds much disdain for how Todd exploited an area that was meant to remain discrete.

Anyway, Ken Walker is a world champion taxidermist from Alberta.  He has his work on display in institutions like the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (Panda), and other museums, he has received a multitude of awards for his work.  Here is another good Article on Ken Walker.  Ken is someone with actual integrity, unlike what has been generated from Standing and Arcand.  Ken is an avid outdoorsman and hunter.  Ken has a very good reputation and he also has a sincere interest in bigfoot.    Ken didn't want Todd at the site!

Giant panda re-creation by Ken Walker of Edmonton, Alberta, winner of the Best in World Re-Creation and the Competitors' Choice Best of Show at the 2003 World Taxidermy Championships held in Springfield, Illinois, and the Safari Club International Award at the 2003 National Taxidermists Association Convention held in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Bottom line is, the location that Todd Standing stole was already stolen by Aaron Arcand.  This is one of the factors that allowed Standing to get away with it thus far, as Arcand's involvement seemed to insulate Todd and now others.  Nobody would believe Arcand and Jeff wanted nothing to do with Arcand either, so was Jeff completely rolled over by Standing?   Its difficult to say this but Jeff you seem to find it too easy to ride the fence with respect to Todd Standing, likely because Todd led you to have some kind of bigfoot experience.  But Jeff, you owe Todd nothing!   He stole the site and knowledge about it and took credit for it!    Todd Standing was no better than Aaron Arcand in that both stole the location from someone else.    This brings up an interesting axiom:  Its easier to accept stolen goods when one doesn't ask where they came from.  


You see, Ken has a few friends who are trappers who shared with Ken what was going on there.  These are the real people involved who probably wish they just kept it to themselves.    Arcand begged Ken to take him there, but Arcand betrayed the trust he was given.  The original licensed trappers are indeed very dismayed by the media circus their trap line area has become.  I have some hope that by exposing Todd and Arcand herein, that the trappers will realize that they shouldn't blame Ken, who also hates the situation and wishes he never trusted Arcand in the first place.    Ken did take Arcand there but it was under the strictest agreement that Arcand would never take anyone else there.   One day however according to Ken Walker, on the same day Ken's mother had died, Ken received a call from Arcand asking if he could take Standing there.    Ken told him 'no!' and explained the situation about his mom.    However the greedy Arcand would still take Standing there two days later against Ken's demands and sad situation.    It wasn't long before Todd was then going around Arcand to access the site, just as Arcand did Ken.   From when Todd first went to the site with Arcand, to his taking others there like Meldrum, Bindernagel, Zohar, and Stroud, it was only a matter of weeks to a few months for each.  Todd knew of Ken Walker all along too, but had easy access around Ken by going through Arcand, while he knew Ken didn't want the site exploited.    Of course Todd never revealed the truth about the site while he took all the credit in impressing those listed above.    Todd even tried getting Ken to reveal the names of the trappers so he could somehow have some 'authority' to be there.   Probably because he knew one day it may come back to bite him.  Well that day has come!   Now there was a time that Ken did try to contact Todd because he was local and in the news so he wondered if Todd was working nearby.  But the present course of events with Todd taking credit deserves no praise whatsoever.  Todd is hustling the poisoned fruit of someone else's hard work.

All that sign where Todd Standing took Les Stroud, Jeff Meldrum, John Bindernagel, and others, where he claimed it was caused by bigfoot, well that information was from Ken and the original trappers, who told it to Arcand, who told it to Standing.  Ken was originally informed of the activity here by his long-time trapper friends who ran trap lines in the area.   They are the ones most angry over the situation because its become a circus there, all because of Arcand and especially Standing.

In case anyone is wondering, I first came across Ken Walker after he and I got to talking on BigfootForums where there was a discussion going on regarding Todd's fake videos.  This was several months ago and believe me, this article has been a very convoluted one to grasp and put down on paper in a way to understand.  It still needs work I know, but more importantly, it needed to go public.  Todd being given an unworthy seat at the podium at SasquatchSummit gave me the extra drive to get this published for that event.  As lengthy as this piece is, I'm trying to keep the mess simplified.

As further validation of this article, in an Interview on MonsterXradio, Aaron Arcand states he turned Todd onto his site beginning at minute: 81:25   Aaron also admits he got his site from Ken Walker.   At minute 86:25 states he showed site to Todd on Crown land.  88:00 Todd brought Bindernagel and Meldrum to his site.  Todd never even mentioned Arron to them on the air in other locations.    The location was stated as being south of Robb MT at minute 109.   Conversation with Aaron ends at 112 but discussion continues to end.   While Arcand himself has lost credibility because he absconded the site from Ken, the information he gives still corroborates Ken Walker's original role here and it remains constant that Todd took the credit, and even monetarily gained from the situation, as it provides him with a falsely earned reputation and marketing point.   It is poisoned fruit!

Jeff Meldrum,  John Bindernagel, Les Stroud, and Sonya Zohar, you really should do more homework on Todd Standing and listen to those who know his past work!   Les Stroud, don't be on such a fast track into a subject you really don't know much about, especially if Toddy was your teacher.  And if you had been working with Todd for three years as he claimed, before the Survivorman Bigfoot, then I must wonder if there is more we should to be aware of?   Oh and was there also another Survivorman Bigfoot episode shot there Les?   This mystery is not some race for celebrity gain.  Don't you guys get it?    Anyway, you were each taken to a place that was stolen from someone else.  I reiterate, it is poisoned fruit.   Not a good path to take.  You each have pretty much avoided discussing Todd Standing or honestly addressing the contradictions he has raised, but now its all coming home.    

Todd is clearly an opportunist who seems to want to exploit this mystery to no ends.   Don't you scientists see this or have you been too blinded by his silver tongue?   What makes Standing an expert to say that bigfoot even needs Protection?  He isn't!  Sasquatch also don't allow themselves to be captured on film as he claims.  Todd's sister is indeed a makeup artist.  They have/had a sizable video production company under his alias name 'Todd Rockwell'.   There is a much bigger connection here indeed.   His grandstanding about Petitioning the US Congress is also a joke.  He has no Legal 'Standing' here in the United States as he is not a US Citizen.   There have been other Petitions as well, not to mention he has no proof of bigfoot in his phony videos.    Ken was even able to identify the eyes that were used but I can't recall their names at the moment.   Todd never even followed through with allowing Bill Munn to examine his videos.  Todd never actually validates anything of substance for that matter.    The subject of bigfoot is at risk of being made a laughing stock due to the events transpiring around Todd Standing.

Todd Standing took each of you to a site he stole from someone else, and by omission, he let all the world think the work should be credited to him as the discoverer.   Don't increase Todd's unwarranted credibility by selling him your reputations under what were false pretense.  In other words, spit out the poisoned fruit you have already swallowed.   Its really saddening that you each didn't do your homework on Todd Standing or listen to those who knew what you don't.   Todd actually succeeded in fooling a couple of PhD's.  That is sad.

Finally, we should all hold a certain amount of disdain for those who steal or reveal other's research sites.  I've had to deal with it myself.   Its sad to see when its done on discussion forums too because there is a greater cost which they don't realize as they are digging for the goodies.   Those who have invested time and resources, ultimately have results become tainted with the introduction of other people who affect the behavior of the subjects or even the environment.   This can affect trail cam results, trust, interactions, and yeah what some call 'habituations'.   Worst case scenario is when friendly interactions turn ugly when those who want to kill one show up in the same area you are working.  If you were doing any kind of research in an area, would you like others tampering with your conditions?    (Think about it.  You know who you are. )    Anyway, this is just like stealing someone written research or intellectual property when inside knowledge is used for their own gain.   I've even kept myself from posting what may be Todd's made-up Sylvanic location out of simple 'principle of the act'.  Even though it is mostly a make believe name and description, there is a physical location that inspired his imaginative creation.  

In closing, nobody likes a person you can't believe, and Todd has led the public to believe one thing in how he presented it as he took Meldrum, Bindernagel, Stroud, and Zohor there.     Todd is not what he claims.  Todd deserves no credit or endorsement for where he took you people!  He Stole the location and it cost those individuals in the end! 

There is an issue about ethics and integrity in a developing field that deserves a final word here.   There are a few with credentials that the rest of us count on to know the importance of upholding such principals.  Its about Honor.   The question is, will those same individuals who have made a certain association, continue to remain complicit and acquiesce, knowing the truth and how it led to their progress and their names being used?  I plea with them to no longer ride the fence on this matter.  Change course in a direction where the findings come because of difficult research and long hours.  Rewards/results should be earned not stolen!

(On a side note, and if they get a chance to read this, I would like to ask the original trappers if they will pardon Ken for the mistake he made in trusting someone.  He truly regrets that it ever happened and I know he is sorry about it and that he values your friendship very much.  We've all made mistakes. )
Count on there being more written about this situation as I amend and add to this article.  Todd you are a real piece of work!  And now you are asking for money from those you fool to advance your scheme even further?  

Toddy, once again you've been a VERRY BAAAD Boy!


There is more to shed light on Todd's Character that I plan on writing about soon.  But until I do, I thought I should share a few posts by someone named Erin on November 22, who has also crossed paths with Todd over the years.  Here however she tells about another person who Todd burned.  I've left her posts unedited as they speak for themselves.  They were copied from Igor Burtsev's Facebook page with her permission.  I have been discussing the issues with her directly as well since my recent article was posted, plus from a while back, which never got finished at the time.  

Anyway, if the following doesn't reveal to each of you remaining 'Standlings' about just what kind of person Todd Standing really is, then you might question if you have conscience issues of your own.   The following event epitomizes just what Todd's character as a human being is really like.  

  • Erin Kearney I was a Todd fan & got him together w/a friend of mine who has a new clan that he sees, Albert Fuhs. He screwed him over Bad but this is really bad! Todd contacted me to do sumthing for him this weekend here in Seattle, Wash & I said I would. @ the time I was talking w/him I said sum things that made him pause a bit & I knew he probably figured out that I was Alberts good friend, lol. Now he won't answer my calls or messages. I'm thinking I may go to his "new" film preview on Tues night to go up to him & bust his chaps a bit? No Todd fan here cause I seen it & lived it too.
    18 hrs · Like · 2
  • Erin Kearney One of the nasty things that Todd did to Albert was, Albert showed him how he calls his bigfoots out by doing a Red Tail Hawk call, then they will show themselves. Well Todd videoed this and then took a video of himself pretending to do the Red Tail Hawk call, he been edited it to look like he did it himself. He then took this edited, fake video to the natives up in Canada that had kicked him off their land and told him if they saw him again they would kill him, because he harassed they're hairy man. You see this is why he couldn't go back to that site really. He then showed the video to the natives who were quite impressed with this and figured he had now learned to not harass the hairy men that they protect so they gave him a native name and the rights to go back on their land. The native name they gave him was Red Tail Hawk, this should be Alberts name who happens to be part Native American! That's just one of the things that he did and this isn't even the financial part of it.


Simon Hicks said...

Simply beautiful ����

Randy Filipovic said...

This is an excellent article, Dave.

Anonymous said...

All that effort to write a bullshit article. You were looking to discredit him with baseless accusations. You make me sick. How can you fool 2 PHDs??? Les Stroud has been cautious in his whole approach and yet you're questioning over 20 years of wilderness experience? Surely, these well educated people would've spotted this any misgivings from Todd and there is plenty of opportunity to do so. Why would these people lie about their movements with Todd? Face it Dave, you're heart is full of animosity and jealousy. You only wish you could've made the discoveries he has. Dave, you're the reason why there's so much bad politics in Bigfoot research. If you put half the effort in your claims into research, you might learn something of value. Instead, you chose a path of defaming another individual with no evidence to prove anything you've said. Quite frankly, we at Todd Standing's facebook page stand beside him as for the 2 people who liked your article so far, they'll soon forget your bullshit dribble and we'll move on learning more and more about these amazing creatures. Pathetic article that was written by someone with a sour heart. Another Matt Money'launderer' fan. People like you make me sick

Snow Walker said...

Outstanding article. About time these click whoring money grubbing nitwits get called to the carpet. Having spent time with a good number of Bigfoot researchers, I can confirm the lack of credibility, skill set, humility, logic, and morality straight across the board with these idiots. One thing they do not lack is confidence. In spite of the fact the majority of them would die within hours of being left alone in the forest. They will all profess to being experts. Experts in bragging and bullshit. I can count on one hand the people who I consider legit.

Dave said...

So Anonymous,

With all due respect, it doesn't matter how much wilderness experience Les has. He's never even seen one. Todd stole the site from someone else guy and jumped on it. Do you doubt the authenticity in the article or is it just that your hero Todd has been shown his true colors? You know nothing about Todd's past in this field do you? How old are ya Anon? Do your research on his past claims.

Oh and I don't need someone like Todd to teach me anything about bigfoot. I've visually encountered four in my life and not in a phony video like you are relying on. Todd has a big video production company with lots of clients where he uses his other name, Todd Rockwell. Sadly, you've been conned too. One more thing, I dislike MM very much for who he is thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ok, we get it, you don't like Todd. But honestly, the majority of the world won't remember who made the great discovery or exactly where it occured. Who discovered the first gorilla, first Panda? and were they actually the first? Don't forget, this is Crown land, not the trappers land, Ken's or Todd's. This should be about one thing, the Sasquatch, bottom line!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to your next article where you tell the world how some darn interloper dun stole your fishin' hole.

This is ridiculous. If there are habitation sites, unless you actually own the land, it's not yours. It's just where the animals live.

Adam Bird said...

Excellento article sir! Thanks for this Dave

Simon Hicks said...

I think "anonymous" is a buddy of the Toddster

Jeffrey dontyouwish said...

I've been in the field of Cryptid research (Sasquatch mainly) since 1976, it wasn't hard to realize what Todd "The Con-artist" Standing was up too. He along with his crooked brethren, Rick Dyer, Tom Biscardi, Melba Ketchum and few others are nothing more than simple thieves. They carry NO merit in any valid true field of scientific research, nor will they. They have all been identified as frauds on an individual basis with no room for error, and once a fraud always a fraud. Todd is a JOKE, and if anyone believes in any of the putrid non-sense that he spews forth, then you deserve the tongue lashings your going to get for being a fool.

Here let me repeat just in case anyone missed what I said a few lines up. Todd Standing is a F R A U D............If you do not under stand what that means, look it up in the Websters Dictionary. Just look up fraud, you see Todd's picture under it.

Dan rodriguez said...

Get real. I used to think Todd was legit but after learing of him doing stuff like this to others that arnt mentioned this article just confirmed it. Oh this is probably Todd using a fake account anyways!

Dr Matthew A Johnson said...

How can you fool two PhDs or someone with 20 years of wilderness experience? Are you serious?

First things first..... NONE OF THOSE THREE INDIVIDUALS have ever seen or interacted with a Squatch. They're NOT Sasquatch experts. Also, let's not forget the fact that Dr Meldrum was fooled by a TV crew that shot the "Snow Walker" video. They busted him on the air after he said it was legit.

You don't think that TS can have someone walking around in the woods for Dr Meldrum to look at with a Night Vision Camera? If they had provided Dr Meldrum with a Thermal Imaging Camera, he most likely would have seen the blotches of heat through the Bigfoot suit.

sasquatchatbellacoo said...

Very good information. I always knew Medium and Bindernagle got suckered


Anon is joey lavea on facebook

Anonymous said...

Dave, Simply said, Thanx. In mining it was called "claim jumping." With some of these liars , it's called "claim everything."

Dave said...

Anon re 'Claim Jumping'. Yep and I know the term but didn't even think of using it. Once had my own mining claim too. I may include the term if you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

I agree that interloping on someone else's site does not ipso facto make you a fraud. Maybe unethical, but not necessarily a fraud. No one can really lay exclusive claim to a site if it is on public land. But there are many things that have contributed to Mr. Standing earning the moniker "Fraud Standing."
He made absolutely ridiculous claims in the initial Sylvanic presentation that he paraded around Alberta (including that you had to crawl under a mountain to get into this 'land that time forgot' and that a Squatch had scaled a 90 degree cliff face with one hand a la King Kong, while dragging the bloody head of a man he had just decapitated with his other hand. Even more damning, is this work
It should also be noted that Fraud claimed to have physical evidence, and then claimed that his house was broken into, and that only his scat and other evidence was targeted. Very convenient - especially since next to no one knew he had this evidence at the time. I would love to see THAT police report.

Sean V. said...

Todd Standing's history of lying to make his claims sound reputable go back many years.

When the WCSRO (Western Canadian Sasquatch Research Organization) was still together, Todd approached us asking if we were interested in having one of his videos on our website, we declined. Later on when he released the video, he placed the WCSRO in the credits for helping him with the video. The WCSRO had nothing to do with it, but he threw our name in there to make it sound like he had a larger research organization on his side.

I realize that this is nothing compared to what he has done in the above article, but it shows that he will do whatever he wants if it helps his videos gain even an iota of credibility.

Todd was a huckster when I first met him years back & he has only gotten worse.

Anonymous said...

OK, so he went to a location that someone else discovered. The forest belongs to everyone. As a hunter, is I reveal my spot then it is my own fault if it gets packed with other hunters. That doesn't meant his videos are fake.

Anonymous said...

...but that doesn't mean the footage is not of a real squatch. Whooop!

Dave said...

Anon re Interloping. I partly agree that interloping does not make him a fraud, but only partly because its a very unethical method. However letting everyone else think that they were his discoveries, burning those he got the info from, and even make money off of it does.

Anonymous said...

Jeffy wants publicity and wants to believe in the worst way. More belief equals more paying gigs for to him. Bindernagel is just a very curious guy who has a passion for the topic.

Fervent believers will follow just about anyone with a good sasquatchery line.

Video killed the radio star.

KBHunter said...

Dave, excellent work and those of us that have followed Standing for a few years know of his lies and deceit. The fact of the matter is he will do anything for notoriety. I believe he started out as a serious researcher, but somewhere along the way, he let his ego get the best of him with wanting more and more attention. I have seen this happen to a few. Thanks again for this, hopefully, it will open a few eyes. KBHunter from the BFF.

Ken Walker said...

For people who think it's petty "fishin hole " theft, I can see how it seems that way. So far only aaron arcand has aired his version on a blog by a guy named robert lyday and I needed to set the story straight before the next phase in this story. I actually tried to give standing the benefit of the doubt and am still in possession of the messages promising he wouldn't go back. In the event of discovery todd is readying his podium so he can put forward an agenda that will doom the Sasquatch by using it to promote radical environmental ideology. This will make it very profitable to "cleanse" areas of these remarkable beings. That's if it's not happening already.

Anonymous said...

I've had some conversations with Ken. I know his character and quality of work. He is a sincere man who is honest. I believe him. It ticks me off to see standing pull this crap on anyone/everyone. Standing reminds me of all the shoppers fighting for the front of the line on black Friday. (not that I actually go shopping then, lol)

sasquatchatbellacoo said...

How can you fool two PHds? It was rather easy. Pay their way and the ratings starved anthropologist and ageing biologist will run in without considering the backlash on their careers,,, that's how. They are now both a joke!