Thursday, April 17, 2014

How The Toddster Operates! - Part One

Toddster, You've Been A Very Bad Boy!  

Well I've been following this Todd Standing character since the early days of his antics.  My being an avid outdoorsman, so much of what he claimed just never added up.  From his claiming to have found a lost valley, known as 'Sylvanic' to the Native Indians, where you must crawl through a 2' X 2' hole through a mountain chain to get there.  Where if the entrance was covered with 4' of snow you couldn't find it.  How utterly ridiculous!   Then there's the 4 missing teens and Dan Hamilton, which of course there was never any actual proof of ever actually existing.  Then there is the Shill posts of Todd's on different forums.  I had noticed a pattern in certain support posts on one forum then another.    On each site the 'Toddster' posted, he also claimed to have received over 6,000 emails on each.  Yeah right!   Funny thing is, no legitimate persons on any of these sites actually took credit for writing him.   So anyway, I took what I had been pulling together over to GhostTheory after BFRO forum yanked everything, and Javier ran with it since Todd was at the time posting there too.  Especially when I suggested Todd was doing the same thing and that I bet some of those support posts on his site originated from the same IP Address as Todd.   Low and Behold as Javier would confirm, they did!   I then found out from one of the Admins at Alberta Sasquatch forums, that Todd was doing the same thing there too.  Todd sure did get around.  Todd you were Busted then and you are busted now as you will see.  This time however you can't hide the facts that will bury your fabrications!  

I've been collecting a lot of stuff about this guy over the last decade, and there is a LOT.  Some lost, other stuff misplaced, but most where I can find it even though it requires sifting through it to put pieces together.  And believe me, this guy Todd weaves one convoluted series of leapfrogged claims.  I say 'leapfrogged' because I have identified a very visible pattern of this in his behavior.  He'll run with one far-fetched claim and exhaust it, but before he wears it out completely or has to validate anything, he's onto the next claim, and so on.  He has done this over and over and over and he's very good at it.   Sadly, he has collected some naive followers and defenders along the way.  A few of which are now trying to put out fires for Todd with respect to what SweatyYeti exposed.  First the 'Toddfenders' were trying to say someone is photoshopping fake muppet head bigfoots, or whatever he calls that first bigfoot subject.   (Of course now there is a different statement from Todd, which he'd not dare validate because he doesn't know the meaning.)   Anyway, these guys need to give it up because they are just gonna to go down with the ship if they stick around.  Too bad Todd just lets his toddfenders deflect the crap he created in the first place.  Bad form Todd!    He's really got the silver tongue but everyone needs to recognize this before they get sucked in further. 

SweatyYeti, you made a great discovery in catching the missing branches in the so-called muppet head images.  You also got me looking harder at other images I've seen from Todd, and then I discovered something very enlightening about not only his video subjects, but also as it relates to his marketing tactics and overall business ethics, or lack thereof.

There's a lot more I want to discuss here about Todd too, but that would only further delay what I really want to get posted here.   So here it is, and my posting these items falls well within the Fair Use Law as well.  Hang on tight cause you might get a little dizzy as I have while piecing this fraud together.

So first up here an the animated gif image that Sweaty Yeti had posted over on BFF.  I had a copy of both subject angles, in somewhat better resolution then he had, and where the subjects happened to be looking in the same exact direction as one another.  Thus Sweaty Yeti was able to upgrade his image a bit without having to tweak angles.  And BTW, I go by 'Pragmatic Theorist' over on BFF.  Around the house here someone calls me the 'Pragmatic Terrorist'.  I can't understand why?  

Well here is Sweaty Yeti's gif, which does a great job revealing how everyone is being duped.   No doubt there is going to be more to surface on this even with Todd's tentative explanation.   

Here are the copies of the two somewhat higher resolution photos I had, and so I posted them as an over & under comparison on BFF as well.  

So then I got to searching through some of the other links and material I had, basically looking for more clues of contradictions in these and other photos & videos.  This image below is one Todd had previously said was that of a youngster.  And so I got to looking closely at this image.   The little guy is just toooo cute isn't he? lol

My sniffer for coverups however is now in overdrive, but I know I needed to validate each image hereafter as officially belonging to Todd Standing so as to establish that all important provenance.  So I went through his past material and found this video on Sylvanic Bigfoot's YouTube Page.  This is HIS video that he put together after getting lost.  (Oh and I have something to say about those growls he has a recording of, but that is for another blog post.)   Anyway, I now begin following a very juicy hunch.  Except for this which it seems just got covered with a second ad at the start, the time stamps are on each clip so you can go right to the exact spot.  Still load them on your computer as soon as possible before the videos disappear!  But basically the below image establishes this right handed orientation of the bigfoot as belonging to Todd Standing.  Stay with me.

So I reversed the image above horizontally and here's what I ended up with.  These are one and the same image, just reversed.  No other manipulation involved.  Now wait a minute, that face is looking familiar isn't it?  One thing to also keep an eye on is the small branch in front of his nose.  The sunlight on it changes significantly with different shots, meaning much time went by between them.  That's one cooperative bigfoot.  lol


Now some of you might be seeing a few other clues by now too besides that little branch in front of his face.  Keep in mind, these are each authenticated as coming from Todd Standing of Sylvanic.  They are HIS images, authorized by him in his own videos.  Keep looking closely at the branches, they remain exact opposites of one another as in the above photos.  If you don't believe me, capture the images for yourself and flip them horizontally on your own computer.   

Okay but there are more dots to connect, and unfortunately for Todd, many more places where both views are used.  In the shot below, Todd has moved his position with the camera, and can you believe it, the bigfoot isn't even looking at him and yet the branch remains as does the stick stub.  

So once again here is the first orientation re-validated from one of his Search And Rescue videos.   And as the subtitles say, it is "Todd Standing's Actual Footage" with camera data & all so there is no arguing it is owned by Todd.    These are very fast snapshots in the video so use the counter.

Below is another use of the above in a separate video of Todd's showing both viewing angles.  Begins at Second 18.  This time with the Muppet above the branch in reversals.  Being it is ABOVE the branch in many shots, and with Todd claiming to be around 40 YDS away, he should have video of the chest when the head is above the branch because at 40 YDS, he could not help but capture the same area unless he had a 5,000 mm lens, which he didn't.  So where is the chest video Todd?

Here's another use by Standing of the left orientation from Todd's own Facebook Page.  And once again it is an EXACT reversal of the above.   In all of these images and videos of course, Todd did the reversing not me.  Of course he also says it is of a "Real Bigfoot, Sasquatch".  Right!    Oh and note those familiar branches are still there… Interesting how the bigfoot looks off in a different direction.

Everyone still keeping their eyes on the two sticks identified by the arrows?   The below are simply crops of the reversals above and highlighting the sticks.  These are two completely different promo videos by Todd Standing but being manipulated simply by reversing them to expand his so called success as a bigfoot researcher.  (Todd, you are a joke!)    Of course he's used them in many other shots as well.  Its what he does, its who he is.  All he's done is change his lighting and contrast, time of day, camera orientation, but they are the same individual being used for different scenes using the magic of his studio.  

And yet again, here is another video by Todd Standing with the opposite orientation again.  The upper branch stub is slightly obscured but the other one in front of his nose remains.   Again note the lighting change.   This was all done in a very controlled environment.   Todd, you are just too crafty for your own good.  Your hoax became so convoluted you were bound to make mistakes.  We just needed to catch them.  

Keep an eye on those sticks everyone, as they are once again below.  Proof again and again that Todd utilized the same image from the opposite reversed orientation in yet another clip of one of his videos.   This video was made after Adrian Erickson offered Todd $2 million for his Bigfoot Body campaign.  I tried to warn everyone involved.  They can't say I didn't.  

Yes Todd, Now Everything Will Change!

So basically he's been reversing his concocted videos and stills to fool all his viewers and supporters.  He's able to manipulate these images and videos by tweaking the lighting, branches, and other settings to suit his needs.  Will the REAL Muppet Head please stand up?  Yep, that's YOU TODD!!!  

Sheesh Todd, this time pack up your gear and leave town.  You've been royally busted!  Reversing images to expand your product and make people believe you have secured such footage is very unethical.  Didn't you charge people for copies of this stuff too?  How many financial opportunities did you open up by using these fabricated images and videos?   Hmm, what's that name people are calling you?  You know, the one you acknowledged on the radio with Jeff?   Yeah, the one that begins with an 'F' and ends with a 'D', then ends in Standing?  So just how much money did you bilk from people by getting them to believe that both these angles were of a real live bigfoot?  You crossed the line this time.   And it really doesn't matter that you gave some of the early funds to an animal shelter, you still bilked people under false premise.  And you want to HIRE people like Jeff Meldrum to do research using money that was earned this way?   I'll be looking forward to seeing a change in direction from some involved after this comes out.  

And to those few individuals who have been defending Todd, well you too had better take a closer look at the person who fooled you too.   They're all FAKE guys, bail ship while you can cause your fearless leader has taken everyone for a ride.  And if there is anyone who is part of Todd's little scheme, you might want to make yourself incognito for a while.  Oh and the excuses for what Sweat Yeti figured out, just doesn't fly for anyone whose got a brain.   His excuse won't fly here either because everyone was led to believe in both orientations as being his videos.  

And if Todd has recently found some locations where there are Bigfoot, I believe they belonged to others and were taken over.  He's basically leapfrogged his way to where he is, before this evidence emerged by building trust of those who actually do know where there are bigfoot.  He might have a little trouble with that from here on out tho.  To those well known people who have attached your name to Todd, I recommend you too reverse your involvement with haste.  For those like Adrian who have provided financial support and were also fooled, good luck recouping your investment, but the above examples should provide you a good case.   

We know there are more images and video out there to substantiate this part of Todd's hoaxing, so if anyone has something that corresponds to what I've posted above, please let me know and send it to me.  Or if something applies to Sweaty Yeti's gif work, please send that to him, or just send to both of us and we'll correspond to clean this crap up in the bigfoot field.  Make copies of what you have found and seen here too before it gets deleted. With what Sweaty Yeti over on BFF found, and the above, the Toddster is done fooling people.  And if there is someone out there who tries to defend Todd from here on out, well you can bet they are somehow in his pocket.  

I may do some editing or make other additions to this post as more information surfaces, so check back occasionally.  You never know what other juicy tidbits about Todd may be uncovered.  Oh and there is so much I want to say too… 

Oh and Todd, you don't know squat about nature.  The tree breaks you claimed were caused by Sasquatch as boundary markers are nothing but damage from snow loading.  The other downed trees were nothing but accumulated blowdown.   Read my paper linked on the side of this blog about tree breaks, you might learn something!  Just keep it to yourself because we don't want to hear anymore claims from you.    


Sheila Simmons said...

A little jealous are we LOL.

Anonymous said...

Nice work!

Anonymous said...

But Toady, I mean Toddy just wants to save the forest people!

Anonymous said...

Fraud Standing indeed!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice analysis, it really is very simple, he is so full of himself he doesn't think he can get caught (again), where have we seen that attitude before?

Dave said...

Oh yes Shiela, I'm sooo jealous of the Toddster.

Jason M. said...

Excellent work, sir! My hat is off to you...

Jason Ritchie said...

Ha the most respected has gone down. Next

Nonevoure Business said...

Excellent work my friend.

First he was Todd Standing; then he became Fraud Standing; and now he becomes Fraud Falling. Next (and hopefully final) act: Fraud Disappearing.

Anonymous said...

Anyone with a bit of time, effort and a little talent can create a 3d figure. Afterward less effort is needed to modify the figure. So now there is no limit to the capability to produce a hoax including animated sequences. The creation of one then morphing it into another will create difficulty even for the most experience photo analyst to prove a hoax. It is the background and foreground that will prove the hoax. Such as the limbs of the tree. You did well to look at other objects in the images.

Anonymous said...

Dude. Well done.
Great pick up and research.